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Over the apposite word

Hi, I’m Emma.
I’m a translator and editor with a diploma in Applied Linguistics from Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

I translate from Dutch to English, and vice versa, and edit text in both languages.

As a translator, in addition to mediating between languages, I mediate between different cultures, contexts, and stylistic conventions.

As an editor, I mediate between authors and their audiences, in much the same way, to help them convey their intended meaning.

My goal is to create texts that convey both the correct information and the right feeling, so you can both inform and engage your audience. 

In short, I find the apposite word for you.

Do you have a blog, website, article, manuscript, or other text you'd like me to translate or edit? 

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the apposite word

Vijf Meiplein 152 2321 BT Leiden