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Translators International B.V.

Translators International is the partner for multilingual documentation for international companies. Translators International is specialized in high-quality technical documentation & marketing materials.


From our original focus on ICT documentation translation, we have branched out to develop small pockets of expertise with clients in related industries and are now solidly entrenched in the rapidly growing fields of security (CCTV, intrusion, access control) and GPS systems, with customers in electrical and mechanical engineering as well. Your texts will be delivered by a fixed team of skilled and certified professionals who are familiar with your material, who understand the content and who have the knowledge they need to get things right the first time.


The services Translators International provides are:


-          Translations (technical, marketing and software)

-          DTP

-          Online review  and review coordination

-          Terminology management

-          Project management

-          Copywriting and editing

-          Voice-overs

-          Documentation management

-          Creation of manuals and technical documentation


We work with documentation in all kinds of formats, like XML, InDesign, FrameMaker, XLIFF, MS Word, Excel and more.


We guarantee: Reliability, consistency, effective communication and continuity. We are ISO 17100 certified.


Please visit our website for more information:

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